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Northwest Frame Repair

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Titanium Eyeglass Welding

Our Pulse Arc TIG Welder beautifully welds titanium frames. Titanium eyeglasses can not be soldered and most optical shops do not have the equipment to weld them. Precision welds on titanium eyeglasses are very strong and very clean. Don't throw those expensive titanium frames away! We can fix them!

Precision Micro Welding

No job is to small! Along with titanium, any type of metal eyeglass frames can be precision welded. These precision welds preserve the integrity of the frame and do not damage sensitive and detailed features. All welds are performed under a microscope for ultimate precision. Keep your favorite eyeglasses looking great by having them repaired!


Custom Powder Coating

Powder coating provides a durable long lasting coating. With dozens of colors and color combinations to choose from you can customize any metal eyeglass frame. Whether it’s your favorite old pair of glasses that have seen some wear and tear, to that perfect new frame that just doesn’t come in your color, powder coating is a great option!

Make your favorite old eyeglasses like new again! Eyeglass restoration involves full cleaning, repairs, and removal of aged platings, paints and coatings. We have an assortment of touch up paints, as well as electro-plating and our extensive color selection for powder coating. We can take your favorite old frame and breathe some life into it! We work on vintage through modern frames and have seen it all.



We are a family owned and operated specialty eyeglass restoration company located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest. We are one of the only companies providing custom eyeglass powder coating services in the country! We also specialize in precision welding of any metal, including titanium. We repair all types of eyeglass frames. Known for our restorations, we can bring your old frame back to life!


Eyeglass Frame Restoration

After many years of wear, plastic eyeglass frames lose their shine and can become dull, metal frames corrode, paint chips and coatings fade. Northwest Frame Repair can take those dull lifeless frames and give them the luster and appeal they once had. Frames are cleaned and put through a multi step process to ensure the highest grade of finish possible. Our wide selection of powder coating colors allow us to color match or choose a completely new color for your metal frames. Plastic frames can be brought back to life through our buffing and polishing process, removing years of wear.


additional services

There isn’t much we can’t fix. With many years in the optical industry we have seen it all! If you were told it can’t be done we can probably do it! We perform unique eyeglass repairs and adaptions. Our services are used by the public, as well as optical professionals around the country and internationally. Quick, easy and convenient, our mail in eyeglass repair services are a great way to keep that pair of glasses looking great for years to come!


Plastic Eyeglass Frame Repair $50

Don’t super glue your broken plastic eyeglasses! Using a splinting technique, we are able to repair plastic frames that have been condemned by most opticians. Using heat, we insert a metal splint directly into the eyeglasses. This method creates a far superior connection to super glue or tape. Do it once do it right.

Eyeglass Hinge Repair $50

Eyeglasses have dozens of possible hinge types. Each type involves a different solution and each break is unique. From precision welding metal hinges to thermal hinge insertion on plastic frames, we have many methods to repair almost any hinge type. Broken spring hinges are removed from the eyeglasses and a new spring hinge precision welded in it’s place. Don’t assume it can’t be fixed, let the experts at Northwest Frame Repair asses them first! Contact us today!


NosepadAdaption (2).jpg

Nosepad Adaption $50

Nosepad adaption can be a great way to make your ill fitting frames fit better. For some people and some facial shapes, frames without nosepads just won’t fit correctly. By adding arms and nosepads we can allow for additional support and adjustment. This service can be provided on an old pair or a brand new one!

General Maintenance $10-$50

Eyeglasses need to be maintained! Nosepads, temple tips, screws and a good old fashioned cleaning can breath life back into any pair of eyeglasses. Loose screws, old nosepads and years of buildup are normal and can make a frame seem far more aged than it is. Getting your eyeglasses tuned up and cleaned will make a world of difference in the way they fit, feel and look! Northwest Frame Repair fully assesses every pair of frames we receive and notifies you of any recommendations to make you frame like new again.




Northwest Frame Repair is a mail-in only service. We repair glasses for the general public as well as optical professionals. We have quick turn around times and strive to get you wearing your eyeglasses again as quickly as possible. We provide both domestic and international shipping. Expedited and insured shipping available upon request for an additional fee.



We also provide our services to optical professionals around the country. Offering convenient monthly billing, great customer service and extreme attention to detail. High quality repairs, restorations and customization. Northwest Frame Repair can help any optical shop better serve their customers. Contact us today for wholesale pricing!



With top of the line equipment our facility is designed for one purpose, transforming eyeglasses. We combine sophisticated technology with the hands on finesse of a highly experienced ABOC, LDO certified optical professional. We live and breath glasses and love making people’s vision come true. What can we do for you?


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