Our facility

We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest and have a wide assortment of specialty equipment


Sand Blasting System

Many of the eyeglasses we restore and custom powder coat go through a thorough prepping process that involves stripping them down to the bare metal to proceed with new finishes. Old coatings such as paint, enamel, plating and other powder coats are removed as well as years of buildup and corrosion. This process leaves the frames fresh and clean and ready for their new finish. Our sand blasting equipment is set up specifically for eyeglasses, using a very specific blast media and just the right pressures we are able to strip even the most delicate frames.


Pulse ARC TIG Micro Welder

Our precision welder, made by Sunstone & Orion, can weld the smallest of parts without damaging surrounding areas. All welds are performed through a microscope allowing for extreme accuracy in our welds. Using 99.999% argon gas and a wide range of settings our machine is able to weld any type of metal including TITANIUM! Hinge parts and bridge breakages can be welded as well as nosepad arms and temples. This system can create extremely small and strong welds. Unlike solder these welds are discrete and when paired with our powder coating service it can make a pair of glasses new again.


Micro Vapor Honer

Vapor honing is one of our unique, specialty capabilities. Our Vapor Honer is a wet blast system that beautifully cleans plastic and leaves metal surfaces prepped for polish. This system is a very important part of our restoration process. Using an extremely fine media slurry this system gently smooths the surface of many materials.


Powder Coating System

We electro-statically apply the colored powder to eyeglass frames in our custom powder coating station, designed specifically for this purpose. Well lit and well ventilated, this system allows us to handle the fine details involved in powder coating such intricate objects, especially with multi color combinations and effects.


Huge Color Selection

There are hundreds of color combinations and effects available. We have dozens of colors in house ready to apply and there are many more available through our supplier. Many powder colors are available in various finishes such as matte and gloss. Some powders even have textures!

We have a wide assortment of specialty optical tools. Not only standard opticians tools but many other specialty machines and devices. From our multi-step polishing station, to our Hot-Fingers and various plating systems, we have capabilities that very few optical professionals have all in one place. All work is performed by a ABOC, LDO (licensed and certified optician). We have years of experience and the specialty equipment it takes to properly restore and repair eyeglasses of all types.

About Us


Northwest Frame Repair is a family owned and operated business. We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest about one hour north of Seattle. We have many years in both retail optical as well as in specialty eyeglass restoration and repair. We strive to perform the highest quality work and provide exceptional customer service. Our artistic vision joined with years of experience make us a perfect choice for your eyeglass repair and restoration needs. Combining Ryan’s industrial background and Tiffany’s extensive optical expertise, Northwest Frame Repair is unlike any other optical repair and restoration service. We have done work for customers in every state in America and multiple countries around the world. We take extreme pride in our work, offering unique services and unsurpassed quality. We love what we do!